Be an Unstoppable Entrepreneur with Robyn Johnson

The story behind Robyn Johnson’s success is quite unique. While many entrepreneurs’ stories often start from a passion to leave a 9-to-5 job that they don’t enjoy ? Robyn truly loved every aspect of her job. She worked for a church ? working with kids, running the youth bible school and sacraments. After the birth of her children and the medical issues that followed with her son, her family began falling on financial hard times. Robyn decided to take a leap with faith and start reselling products that she purchased from garage sales and flea markets on ecommerce sites like Craigslist, eBay, and later, Amazon.

By taking this leap with faith, in less than five years, Robyn turned her $100 initial investment into a highly successful 7-figure Amazon business. Today, not only does she employ amazing people to help her run her business ? she also helps new and experienced sellers start or improve their business through her coaching, workshops, courses, as well as her podcast ? The Unstoppable Entrepreneur Show.

On today’s episode, Robyn shares her success story, how she got started selling on Amazon, and why she strongly believes that, in business, “you can’t win if you don’t play.” We also discuss the ups and downs that can happen in business and she provides her insight on how to maintain balance and a clear mindset while dealing with fear.


“The impossible isn’t impossible. You just have to be willing & want to take the first step.” ? Robyn Johnson


This Week on the Your Money, Your Business, Your Life Podcast:

  • We discuss the fears that many new entrepreneurs face and how to handle those fears to ensure success.
  • We discuss the sacrifices made while running your own business, and how to build systems to provide you with the freedom you want.
  • Robyn explains how she educates her children on entrepreneurial skills that they will benefit from as a business owner or employee.
  • She explains her “Getting Started Guide,” and the “Making Your First $1,000 in Sales” guide and how it helps new Amazon sellers.


Words of Advice from The Unstoppable Entrepreneur ? Robyn Johnson

  • Understand what your future holds and decide if you are okay with it.
  • By pushing through failure, you’ll find it not only impacts your business ? it also impacts your life.
  • Surround yourself with people that will support you, love you, and tell you when you are on the wrong path ? but will also cheerlead for you.
  • Be willing to just take action.

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