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Principles of Success – Decision

Waiting for your business to emerge to the success level you want takes work and dedication. More than anything, you want to make the right decisions for your business. One of the most counterproductive aspects of making business decision is procrastination.   On today’s episode, I’m discussing chapter 7 of the book, Think and Grow […]

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Principles of Success – Imagination

Imagination is not just from your childhood dreams. Becoming creative is a fundamental part of being successful in any business. As Napoleon Hill once aid, man can’t imagine without conceiving, believing, and achieving imagination. However, people often associate creativity with multitasking and overwhelming activities. Even Napoleon Hill explained that curiosity entails from synthetic or creative […]

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Principles of Success – Autosuggestion

When you think of auto-suggestion, many people associate the term to hypnosis. However, auto-suggestion is a mechanism of how your brain deals with external factors that influence your subconscious. Continuing the theme from Napoleon Hill, auto-suggestion is the “voluntary feed on creative or destructive nature and ability to change our circumstances.” How often do we […]

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