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The Go-Giver with Bob Burg

What does it mean to be a “go giver?” Former radio and T.V. news broadcaster, highly sought-after speaker, and the author of the book Endless Referrals, as well as co-author of the bestselling book The Go-Giver, Bob Burg joins me on the show today to share his insight into the sales and marketing challenges that […]

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Serial Entrepreneur Lisa Copeland

Lisa Copeland has been named the number 1 women in the automotive industry in the United States. She is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for helping other entrepreneurs ? especially female entrepreneurs ? find success in their businesses. Lisa and her husband currently own the mortgage company, Austin Mortgage Associates, and has earned numerous […]

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The Power of Question

Have you ever had to make an important decision so you sit down with your pen and paper and write a list of pros and cons? When you’re making that list, you’re likely asking yourself dozens, if not hundreds, of questions ? but are you asking yourself the right question? Creating a pros and cons […]

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