Fearless and Fear Less with Lisa Copeland

Fear. It’s one of the many unspoken insecurities that plague many entrepreneurs ? especially women ? today. Fear can stop you in your tracks ? make you doubt yourself, your abilities, your potential. How you deal with and overcome your fears can ultimately determine whether you achieve the success.

In the last episode of Your Money, Your Business, Your Life podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Lisa Copeland. Lisa has been recognized as the number one women in the automotive industry throughout the United States. She is a highly successful serial entrepreneur and partner of Austin Mortgage Associates.  On today’s episode, Lisa shares how she adopted the Fear.Less brand as one of her signature brands, how she, like many women, has had to battle fear, and how she was determined to overcome it. She also shares her 4-step system to recognizing and overcoming your fears so you can achieve the success you desire ? and deserve.


“I got to a critical point in my career where I had to decide to let fear paralyze me, or I could take one step at a time. I can Fear.Less.” ? Lisa Copeland


This Week on the Your Money, Your Business, Your Life Podcast:

  • Looking at fear as a way to motivate you ? not as something that will conquer you.
  • Taking one small step at a time to overcome your fear.
  • Don’t discount your fear. Don’t try to disguise it. Recognize it and use it as motivation to get past it.


Lisa’s 4 Steps to Fear.Less to Achieve Success:

  1. Accept that failure is part of success. Know that you’re going to make mistakes, but don’t let it hold you back.
  2. Be willing to learn from your mistakes. Reset and try again. The great ones fail, but the greater ones reset and come back.
  3. Facing your fear of rejection will build your confidence. Remember that every ‘no’ it takes to get to a ‘yes’ is all part of the process. Every business has a different success formula. Take your business and take it to a science with statistics.
  4. Don’t let fear paralyze you. Fear creates an environment of negativity. You have to be intentional about not letting your fear paralyze you.


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