Finding the RIGHT Funding Partners with Lauren Flanagan Part 2

Last week, I spoke with Lauren Flanagan, Founder and Managing Director of Belle Capital USA and CEO of SCIO ? a strategic advisory firm helping early stage companies prepare to scale, raise capital, and achieve successful exits. Lauren shared valuable tips and strategies for entrepreneurs and small business owners to find investor funding and what you need to do to position yourself correctly before investors.

This week, Lauren joins me on the show again to share her insight, tips, and ideas on the steps entrepreneurs need to make to find the right investors for their business or organization. She explains what investors look for in every step of the pre-deal process and shares why it’s important for you to continue to nurture and grow your relationships with your investors ? even after the deal is made.


“The deal is never done.” ? Lauren Flanagan


This Week on the Your Money, Your Business, Your Life Podcast:

  • Researching investors to find the right “fit”
  • What it means when investors say, “find a lead investor, then I’ll join”
  • Key elements to have in your presentation during initial meetings with investors
  • The due diligence process and time frame
  • Legal documents, advice, and why they’re important to a successful deal
  • Life after funding ? addressing reporting and management issues
  • Keeping relationships nurtured after the deal
  • Why you need a 1-page business plan and what it should include



Things to Remember & Consider While Researching Investors:

  1. It’s a relationship
  2. Do they support your industry?
  3. Are they an investor at your stage of growth?
  4. Are they open to the geography that you are in?
  5. Who do you know in your network?
  6. Look at the investors’ portfolio
  7. Talk to the investor’s company’s CEOs



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