Kids and Money with Angela Totman

Kids learn about money at a young age. What are some useful strategies to teach the children in your life about the relevance of earning wages and savings? Today, I’m talking with Angela Totman about the importance of making money and providing that message to your kids.


Angela explains the importance of starting with small allowance jobs, depending on the age, such as cleaning the pool, the yard, or babysitting. The crucial aspect of earning an allowance is teaching children to create opportunities to make their own money and problem solve. Besides teaching them to save money, children also learn a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence.



“Teach kids to have accomplishments and achievements that they can own and look back.” –

Angela Totman




This week on Your Money, Your Business, and Your Life Podcast:


  • How learning about entrepreneurship at an early age helps children save money
  • Teaching kids to save money wisely for future planning
  • Developing creative ideas for kids to earn money
  • What are the responsibilities you need to teach children about setting financial goals
  • Motivating children to use creative ways to make money and improve their self-confidence
  • How to help kids boost creativity, self-esteem, and accomplishments




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