Principles of Success – Buring Desire

What’s your passion and what makes you want to spring out of bed to work on your dream? That is your burning desire! However, that alone is not enough to materialize your ideas into success. The driving force needs the fuel of productivity and planning. Success begins with a dream and a passion for creating […]

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Kids and Money with Angela Totman

Check out this episode!

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Kids and Money with Angela Totman

Kids learn about money at a young age. What are some useful strategies to teach the children in your life about the relevance of earning wages and savings? Today, I’m talking with Angela Totman about the importance of making money and providing that message to your kids.   Angela explains the importance of starting with […]

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Global Demographics

With an uncertain national economy and  stock market, how does a global market impact your business? While many statistics and surveys point to a demise of our national debt and social security failures, there are hopes of opportunities in India and Africa. While the United States, Canada, and Japan become the aging population, India and […]

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Think and Grow Rich with Don Green of the Napoleon Hill Foundation

Every entrepreneur wants to fulfill his or her desire to become successful. However, there is no magic formula to do so. I’m talking today with expert Don Green of the Napoleon Hill Foundation. Based on the best selling principle of life and success, Don constructed the idea of the Think and Grow Rich principle originated […]

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You Are the CEO of Your Life with Lisa Walker

Overcoming obstacles is a challenging task. While for some it may be another hurdle to jump, others feel overwhelmed by them. Today, I’m talking with speaker, coach, psychologist, and trainer Dr. Lisa Walkern about overcoming those struggles in your life. Lisa points out the belief to overcome those hurdles is in us, and we must […]

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Do’s and Don’ts of Successful People

Ever wonder what it takes to become successful? Is there a magic formula? That is not the case. Successful people incorporate straightforward strategies in their lives. Today, I’m talking about the tactics successful entrepreneurs employ every day to simplify their lives and be more productive.   One of the main strategies is to stay focus […]

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Are You a Henry?

Are you a successful entrepreneur making more than people can dream? Are you spending more than investing for a long, bright future? Today, I’m talking about whether you’re a business owner that is a Henry or not. What’s a Henry? Simply, a Henry is an acronym for High Earner Not Rich Yet. It means that […]

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Coach vs. Mentor with Angela Totman

Entrepreneurs need coaches and mentors to continue to be successful in their business. The idea of a coach or mentor is probably better referred to as a consultant, but as more entrepreneurs join the business world, the need for coaches and mentors is not far out of the ordinary. So, which one do you need? […]

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By the year 2025, 75% of our workforce will be millennials. The millennials outnumber even the baby boomers. They are also different than the boomers. As an employer or business owner, you need to understand the differences. The culture that worked in the past may not be the best fit for the new and upcoming […]

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