Principles of Success – Organized-Planning

Leadership comes with many duties, and one of them is creating an organized plan. To do so, you need to set a goal and build a vision. Leadership needs ideas, strategy, vision, the right people, and organization. In becoming an active leader, you need to consider Napoleon Hill’s eleven major steps.


Whether it is self-control, courage, justice, decision-making, definite plans, personality traits, responsibility, cooperation, sympathy, detail-oriented and understanding, an effective leader combines all attributes to build the morale of the team for success. Thinking about how to become effective leaders is always a good indicator of what can lead to failure more than success. So, think about the decisions and the environment you create in your organization.


“Effective leadership comes from every level of your team, not just the top.”

This Week on Your Money, Your Business, and Your Life:


  • How to create a successful team
  • Building a successful team with confidence, understanding, and cooperative traits
  • Creating a vision of trust, willingness to help, recognition of leadership among partners, and humble service for your group
  • How to invest in others to foster leadership
  • Identifying the organization planning with the right people and talent




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