Providing for Your Family and Protecting Your Wishes

When you look at your family picture, do you feel confident knowing that you have provided and supported your family ? your children ? when you pass away? Do you need a trust for your child? Do you have a blended family and want all your children supported the same? Perhaps you have in-laws that you want to make sure are taken care of in their elder years.

On today’s episode, I’m joined by my good friend Darra Randin. Darra is a State Attorney whose practice is primarily in estate planning, business, and tax. We discuss the importance of having a legal will in place, how it can protect your family and loved ones in the event of your death, and why it’s important to get the advice of a legal attorney instead of creating a will on your own.


“With a will, you can eliminate so much red tape when you die.” ? Darra Randin


This Week on Your Money, Your Business, Your Life:

  • The importance of using a trained attorney for legal advice and document preparation for your personal will and estate planning.
  • Creating a legal will to carry out your personal values and wishes.
  • How your will can override state laws.
  • Understanding there is no such thing as an “oral will”.
  • What is the “full faith and credit” clause in the Unites States Constitution and how it works.
  • What are “holographic” wills and the state statutes that must be in place to implement them.
  • The process of executing your will when the executors are out of state.
  • Why it’s important to have a legal will even if you think you have very little.



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