What a Woman Can Do! with Ali Brown

Have you ever looked at your career and thought to yourself: “This is not where I want to be; I have a greater purpose in life.” Many professional women come to a crossroad in their career where they feel trapped in their job, wanting to escape, and find their true purpose in life. My guest today is Ali Brown, dubbed the entrepreneurial guru for women by Business News Daily. Like many aspiring entrepreneurs, her story started in the business world ? working for various companies but simply feeling miserable.

Today, Ali joins me on the show to share her story, why she decided to leave her regular 9-to-5 job to become a freelance copywriter. She shares how she built up the credibility to become a nationally known public speaker, and why she is so passionate about empowering other women to find the success and freedom they deserve.


“Success for women right now is having choices. There’s no right or wrong way to do this.” ? Ali Brown


This Week on the Your Money, Your Business, Your Life Podcast:

  • How she got started as a freelance copywriter and why she pivoted her business.
  • Her experience on The Secret Millionaire show and how it transformed her life.
  • Why it is important for entrepreneurs to learn when to say “no,” and when to say “yes” to new opportunities.
  • How getting involved with your local media can help you refine your message while building contacts and connections to your audience.
  • Doing things that stand out and seen as being bold are great ways to get media exposure.



Ali’s Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Entrepreneurs:

  • Review your core values.
  • Give yourself permission to make a shift.
  • The biggest barrier in your way right now is that you don’t trust yourself. You need to trust that you know what is right.
  • When you step up and into your highest good, it will have a ripple effect on yourself, your business, and others. It will inspire others that need to be inspired.



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