Creating Your Own, Personal Investment Plan with Robert Graham

Over the last several years, fear has largely dictated the economy instead of fundamentals. The uncertainty of where the market is heading has made it a scary time for many families and investors. Many people who thought they were on the right path to retirement have come to realize that, instead of retiring at 65 ? they will need to work until they are 70 or older to achieve the goals they set.

On today’s episode of Your Money, Your Business, Your Life, I am joined by the CEO of R.G. Capital, Robert Graham. Robert has been in the investment industry for over a decade and is known for growing his investment firm by 35% year after year despite the uncertain economic times. He joins me today to share his insight on the fundamentals and philosophy of creating a personal investment plan, why it is so important, and what factors you should consider before hiring an advisor.


“The mechanics of money is only half the battle.” ? Robert Graham


This Week on the Your Money, Your Business, Your Life Podcast:

  • The two factors investment planners consider when developing a retirement plan.
  • Risk tolerance and learning how much risk you can take.
  • The two numbers every family should consider when creating their retirement plan.



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